I started a Virtual Assistant business, Oceania VA, in early January 2019. We’d just returned to Australia after selling literally everything we owned and travelling around Europe. The trip was initially slated for a year, but 6 months with an 8 year old who thrives on certainty and routine, and a 3 year old who could snap at any second and scream blue murder was more than enough! (side note: both kids have chilled out now!) 

In all honesty, we didn’t know where we would “settle”. Would we return home to New Zealand? Would we head back to Australia? Heck, Canada was on the cards at one stage! Weather is a huge drawcard to my family so we flew into sunny Queensland and then said “now what?” 

I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world I’d left after having my daughter. The idea of working full time, getting dressed up each day, commuting and the constant fight in my head between the guilt of not being at school events and guilt at not “playing the game” at work either. Late night Googling led me to the concept of Virtual Assistance. It seemed like a great option for me. Although I didn’t have the traditional experience of EA/PA work, I am highly organised, a quick learner and I definitely had transferable skills in my years as a Communications Specialist and Project Manager.

Oceania VA has served me well. I’ve had some fantastic clients, set up a flexible business that works for my family and made some great friends along the way. I’m not doing a lot of VA work now and over the last year I’ve been moving more into the copywriting realm, using more and more of my previous career experience. So I thought, it’s time for Oceania VA to go. 

I went backwards and forwards on what to call my copywriting business – nothing seemed right. I thought of all the puns under the sun, quirky little names playing on “writing”, played with my kids names to make something cute but everything just felt naff. I then heard someone say “people don’t remember freelance company names, they remember people’s names”. 

Ultimately, my business is me. As uncomfortable as it is for this little introvert to have her name on a website – it’s me. 

And so, here goes: say hello to Samantha Mitchell Communications.